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Are the services performed in private?

Yes, we have a private space to service clients.

How long does it last?

They are meant to last 3-6 months with routine maintenance and care. Your Lifestyle and how you care for your unit has a lot to do with the longevity. Routine maintenance includes detaching your hair unit every 3-4 weeks, washing unit, and reapplying unit. With regards to SMP (the hair tattoo) is expected to last 4-6 years before a potential retouch is necessary (not for all cases).

Can units be coloured or include grey hair?

Yes, units can be made in any colour or include grey hairs blended into your natural hair colour, for a more realistic appearance. 

How much does it cost?

Hair Units (Manweave) cost anywhere from $750 to $5000+ depending on the style/service required. SMP (hair tattoo) costs anywhere from $1000 to $5000 depending on necessary coverage. If you would like to do the Manweave application yourself we can sell you the hair separately.

How are Units secured?

A hair adhesive and protectant is used to keep the unit in place.

Can I get the hair wet?

Yes, you can workout, swim, and shower with the unit on your head. In addition you're able to restyle hair with product, styling brush, and/or blowdryer.

Will people notice I’m wearing a Manweave?

No, our human hair unit provides the most natural, undetectable finish. 

Will my Hair Unit fall off?

No, if you follow directions from your experience with us (we provide every client with a maintenance sheet) and/or DIY courses, your unit will be secure.

Can I maintain the Hair Unit myself?

Yes, Remember our goal is to share as much knowledge with you as possible. We want you to feel comfortable with maintaining your unit yourself. In the case that you don't want to maintain it yourself we can discuss packages for frequent maintenance at the shop. 

Can you do beards?

Yes, we can do beards as well for both manweaves and SMP.

When should I get a Manweave or SMP?

The most common causes of hair loss are genetics and age. Over time, you may notice your hair line receding, bald spots developing. Hair loss can also appear as overall thinning. Some people don’t realize they even have hair loss until 50% of it is gone.
Hair loss is progressive, the sooner you act, the more options you have. Start your research now and gain an understanding of the basics of hair loss. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can make an informed decision when it comes to getting your hair back.

What's the difference?

Hair Units vs. Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hair Unit (Manweave) is a hairpiece or hair system that is created and customized to your style. These have no limits with regards to realism, hair colour, style, density, length or texture that you want. Furthermore the process is not surgical and can be changed or reversed at any time. The only requirement is that we shave areas of application pre-attachment. (For more questions book a free consultation)

Scalp micro pigmentation uses micro needles to “tattoo” pigment into the scalp, creating the appearance of tiny hair follicles. The procedure replicates your natural hair follicles while strengthening and adding density to thinning areas. (For more questions book a free consultation)

SMP is for extremely short styles that frame the face, and scar cover up, whereas the Hair Unit is the most versatile solution because you can actually feel, cut, style, and change hairstyles. 


Before any appointment is made, we thoroughly break down the service steps and request pictures of the front, sides, and back of clients’ head. We also ask that the client include pictures or videos of their desired hairstyle that can be screenshot from online (if they don’t have their own).


To book an appointment, we require a Non-Refundable deposit. This deposit covers the cost of the hair & preliminary preparation of the hair. We don’t carry inventory, which means all orders of hair are made once the deposit is made.

Before any service is rendered, we thoroughly breakdown the process including any/all products used. For our services, we use a scalp protectant by Walker & Tape + adhesive that will be in the form of glue or tape (the "scalp protectant", “glue” & “tape” are clickable, so you can see and review the products and their ingredients).

Upon completion and approval of service results, the longevity, durability, and health of the unit becomes the clients’ responsibility. It is the clients’ responsibility to maintain & care for their hair & their scalp. Clients are provided with the necessary information, documentation, and education to maintain professional results. 

It is the clients responsibility to perform their own patch tests on their own time for any products used during the service. We are 100% transparent with regards to our products & process. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.