Hair By Choice

🚨Barbers are you earning enough cutting hair?

Average Barber:

These 2 haircuts took 45 minutes each and we got paid $100 (total) for them

Average Image Consultant:

These 2 Hair Unit services took 120 minutes each and we got paid a little over $2000 (total) for them 

Barbers, the market is shifting and there has never been a better time to leverage your skills to make more money behind the chair.  If you feel any of the following:

  • Not making enough money
  • No time for yourself, family or friends
  • Not taking care of body and health
  • No time to grow business
  • Overworking/Burn Out

Schedule a 15 minute consultation call with us so we can walk you through the business model that works best. It's time to design your business to work around your life, not your life to work around your business. 

For immediate assistance text us your name followed by "Hair by Choice" to +1-647-799-9889 (ex. Sara Hair by Choice)