Hair by Choice (online course)

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Get immediate access to this online course that provides you with the knowledge, certification and tools to confidently help you reach your 6 figure+ business goals with non-surgical hair replacement. It covers everything from hair preparation, application, marketing, business, etc. 


  • How to add value & elevate your barber career
  • How to provide a COMPLETE hair unit service
  • How to integrate hair units into your existing barber business 
  • How I was able to generate $11,000 in leads in under 2 weeks
  • Wholesale Discounts on our units
  • Certificate of completion (and more)


Hair Unit Course (Bundle Pack) includes:

  • the full hair unit course 
  • 1st hair unit FREE (you pay shipping)
  • 1 on 1 business coaching with Sage (founder of Damps)

***The bundle pack will be limited to 10 barbers