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Hair by Choice Program (Includes Starter Kit)

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***The shipping charge on this product is for the starter kit we will send you upon enrolment. The link to the digital course will be sent to you via email.

Get the knowledge, certification and tools to confidently create your own 6 figure+ business with non-surgical hair replacement. It covers everything from hair preparation, application, marketing, business, etc.

This course includes a full starters kit that includes a designer HBC hair unit, adhesive, scalp protector, etc.


  • How to add value & elevate your barber/cosmetologist career
  • How to provide a COMPLETE hair unit service for Afro & Straight Hair
  • How to integrate the service into your existing barber business 
  • How to shop for hair + vendors
  • Learn the Business of a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration specialist
  • Certificate of completion (and more)
  • Includes full Hair Unit starter kit (includes an HBC hair unit, Adhesive, Scalp Protector, etc.)


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