Are You Using Too Much Hair Fibers?

Are You Using Too Much Hair Fibers?

Hair fibers are products that instantly make hair appear thicker and fuller by spraying keratin (a protein that gives the same look as hair) to the areas that the consumer wants to cover.


A hair unit, or hair system, on the other hand, is human hair that is attached to a base and then installed on the scalp to cover receding hair lines and/or areas where the hair is thinning. 

In this video, the young man is seen using hair fibers to thicken and darken his hair. Did he make the right choice in choosing the fibers? Or should he have gotten a hair unit installed instead?

For starters, the hair fibers he chose are way too dark for him; his best bet would have been to choose dark brown fibers like this one. Secondly, you cannot put hair fibers on adhesive, which you can see him doing in the video; it clumps up and doesn’t look too appealing. It must be applied directly to the spots that you’re looking to cover.

In this case, he was much better off applying a hair unit to give him the desired look. Why? Well, the first reason is simply because he was using the hair fibers to cover most parts of his head; although the video only showcases him using the fibers in one area, it is clear that he used it to cover other parts as well, including his hairline.

But the biggest reason he should have went with a hair unit is because he would have been able to find a unit that would match his exact hair texture, colour, and density so that the overall appearance of the unit would look natural. It would save him more time because he would be able to get to achieve his desired hairstyle in one sitting, rather than continuously re-applying the hair fibers on a daily basis (if not more).

All in all, hair fibers are great because they can easily patch up any thinning areas, but the best alternative to covering up multiple / large areas where your hair is thinning would definitely be hair unit. It’s non-surgical, non-invasive, and looks completely natural.

At Hair By Choice, we can find the exact unit that would fit your needs, as well as making sure it matches your hair texture, hair colour, and hair density. Send us an email for more information:

What do you think? Should he have just gotten a hair unit or stuck with applying the fibres?

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