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DIY: make your hairline perfect at home 🔥🔥

Posted by sage holder on

Watching Boosie's interview on Vladtv and couldn't get over how perfect his hairline is. As a barber we breakdown how you can recreate his hairline for yourself using boost hair fiber. Boost is a hair building fiber that binds to the hair and the skin to create thicker/fuller appearance of hair. Boost can be held down with our texture spray for additional hold, and can be washed off in the shower. What we want men to understand is that this a product like deodorant that you can put on and take off everyday. Taking care of your self-image is huge and can really transform how people react to your presence. You can purchase boost here 👉🏾 Enrollment is open for our online barber program 👉🏾 Follow us on instagram @damps


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