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Hair Unit vs. Hair Transplant #Damps

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Travelling to Turkey to get a more affordable hair transplant appears to be a popular hair loss solution for Canadians. Since introducing Hair Units to Montreal, Ottawa, & Toronto clients we've been able to show Canadians the wonders of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement. The biggest difference we see between the two services is Hair Units offer immediate results where as Hair Transplants take approximately a year (give or take) to show you what you actually paid for. With Hair Units you get the exact hairstyle you want with the density, fullness, and jolt of confidence. We teach this skill online, in person as well as offer the service. Our physical location is in Montreal however we do go to Toronto to offer services in private location. If you're interested in receiving the service CLICK HERE or learning our how to do Hair Units professionally CLICK HERE. If you have any questions with regards to in-person training call us at 514-486-8686.


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