Average Barber Haircut Prices

The average price for a haircut in Ottawa is $35 ($42 with beard) and takes 45 minutes.

Can you afford to buy a house with your barber salary? 

To buy a house in Ottawa you will need a minimum of $140 000 in gross revenue + a 20% down payment.

This will take 8,000 haircuts for the average Ottawa Barber/Shop charging $35 on 50% commission splits (not accounting for any expenses).

8,000 haircuts in 45 minute appointment slots is over 100 cutting hours per week.These numbers are hard enough for barbershops with 5+ barbers to reach let alone 1.

🚨I'm not telling you to stop cutting hair, I'm telling you to work SMARTER and not harder.

Hard Working Barber:

40+ haircuts took 35 hours of work and we got paid $2,000 (total) for them

Smart Working Barber:

2 Hair Unit services took 2 hours each and we got paid a little over $2,050 (total) for them 

Smart Working Barber 1 day = Hard Working Barber 1 week

Which side would you rather be on?

The barber market is shifting and there has never been a better time to leverage your skills to make more money behind the chair.  If you feel any of the following:

Schedule a 15 minute consultation call with us or click here to see how you can benefit from becoming a certified hair loss specialist earning as much as $500/hour.

It's time to design your business to work around your life, not your life to work around your business.