Why Hair By Choice?

Hair by Choice is the hair loss department located in Damps barber shop. The office is nestled in the heart of Monkland Village, in NDG, Montreal. 

A growing number of our clientele (18-55) suffer from hair loss. We travelled to explore and research the different non-surgical techniques. After thousands invested into education, mentorship, & contacts, we’ve BECOME the solution to your hair loss problem! We offer non-surgical hair replacements (manweave/hair unit), as well as SMP (scalp micro pigmentation). What sets us apart from other hair replacement centers is our specialization with both Hair Replacement practices and a decade of experience as barber/stylists. We've worked every type of hair from black and white to oriental and brown. In addition to our experience, our youth has kept us up to date with any and all current fashion trends. The key to a successful service is the combination of hair preparation, application, and most importantly the cut; the cut must suit your lifestyle! Our mission is to get YOU the head of hair you’ve always dreamt of and get rid of that hat you've been hiding under!